Monday, 13 February 2012

VW DoubleBack by Overlander Motorhomes

"Volkswagen mostly began submiting “pop tops” on its camper vans. In the decades since, the soft-sided interior height-extenders suffer become a ubniquitous sight on VW vans parked in campgrounds all throughout the world. Now, Welsh organization Overlander Motorhomes is presenting how it sees as the rational compliment to the pop top – it is the DoubleBack, a sliding insulated pod so extends the interior length of Volkswagen's T5 Transporter van."

"Inspired by a desire to deliver a truly spacious and comfortable camper, the T5 DoubleBack delivers the drivability of a camper van along with the extra exclusive space of a motor-home. This electrically extendable rear pod constructed from aircraft industry standards stays tucked up inside the back of the vehicle while you are on the move. Once you stop to settle, the pod electrically extends out to add 2 meters of useable interior space in the rear."

"Featured with two folded legs on the bottom of the pod that extends and gets self-leveled on uneven terrain is able to support over 600 kilograms of weight. T5 DoubleBack comes equipped with a fold-out double bed in the pod, an elevating roof and a kitchenette along with other home amenities required on the road. The whole sliding process is visually impressive, and it just takes 45 seconds."

"However, it’s even unclear if the pod makes the interiors of the van, but the firm alleges so a driver and one passenger can be accommodated in captain’s seat, or a driver and two passengers can sit if the customer selects the bench seat option."

Source: Interesting Engineering, BORNRICH


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