Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Bathroom Furniture By Nuvist

Here is one of the most beautiful WC pan designed by Nuvist. It's interesting how the clean line and color in this piece suggests purity and cleanliness, some essentials for the bathrooms. As they explain in their website:
"At this level, after we have designed Charme bathtub, Pare and Monotip washbasin, we wanted to complete the bathroom furniture series with Denovo wall-hung wc pan design. 
So we also wanted to stick to the previous design formations and keep the specific formal language. Curvilinear geometries allow us to design blending smooth continuous form in the three dimensional space. This continuous form provides ergonomic quality. And also we wanted to use new advanced technologies for the toilet seat cover part. We have designed full or semi-automatic cover system to open or close the cover part. So Denovo will be ergonomic, functional, singular and clear."


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