Monday, 11 June 2012

Robots That Fly… And Cooperate

An interesting TED talk By Vijay Kumar on flying intelligent robots that can build and cooperate.

Archdaily reports: "In continuing with our coverage of the research of the GRASP Lab based out of the University of Pennsylvania, this recent 2012 outlines some of the unique opportunities that can be explored and possibly implemented in the near future with robots that fly. From an architectural and construction perspective, a wide variety of tasks can be accomplished. While still only on a small scale, the demonstrations in the video showcase a myriad of diverse abilities that are achievable.  The quad rotor robots are able to navigate complex geometry through the use of onboard laser scanners and cameras. The video also demonstrates the ability of these robots to work together in swarms for tasks such as assembling a scale building based on a programmable blueprint. Watch the video to see what the future may hold for a fully automated construction site."

Source: Archdaily

Friday, 8 June 2012

Locus™ Workstation from Focal™

"Sitting disease is epidemic. You spend a third of your life at work, behind your desk and on your butt. Studies have proven that many small movements throughout the day lead to better health and that being upright is better for you."
"Martin Keen, founder of hybrid footwear brand , started working at a standing desk years ago. But Keen says he tired easily, and eventually found himself leaning against a makeshift seat. An industrial designer by trade, the entrepreneur began designing a workstation based on his ad-hoc prototype.
He unveiled his upright workstation at ICFF earlier this month. Focal incorporates a small bench into the traditional standing design, not unlike drafting tables used by architects and engineers. The small leather seat is more for leaning than sitting. It tilts downward at an angle that makes it tough to totally rest, and it pivots with your movements, improving balance and, ostensibly, focus. The station’s plywood and aluminum desk is attached at its base to a footrest that tilts up towards the user for support.
The combination encourages a “natural, neutral posture,” explains Keen. “There is a place between standing and sitting where our body wants to be.” Does it make you move enough to counter Sitting Disease? We shall see: Keen says he is working with an ergonomist to study exactly how the seat affects your well-being."

Sources: Focul Upright Furniture, fastcodesign

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

DEQUE, A New Design in Using Water

A new way of defining the bathrooms is designed by Sieger Design for Dornbracht.
What you can find in their website:
"The distinguishing feature of Deque is its severe design language that reduces to the flat, wide spout. The new, low fitting lies close to the basin, directing attention to the essential element of this series - the presentation of the water.

The striking thing about Deque is contrast: firstly between the gentle waterway and the severe shape of the fitting and secondly, between the emphatically planar spout and the cylindrical control elements, a discontinuity of form that is particularly evident in the single-lever mixer.
Product design: Sieger Design"

Monday, 4 June 2012

Bowfell House by Hubbard Architecture

Bowfell House is located in Windermere, Cumbria, England and is designed by Hubbard Architecture.
More info from their website:
"The initial brief for this project was to create a four-car garage, with office/playroom accommodation above, in the grounds of a Pattinson house built in the 1890's. The built scheme satisfied this brief- along with an additional major extension in the style of the original house, and a contemporary extension with an indoor pool and sauna! A large kitchen and master bedroom suite were created in the house extension. This extension adapted details from the existing building and reused architectural features. The gable elevation adjacent to the pool features original quoins and sandstone window surrounds. The pool building has a sedum covered flat roof, visible as a fifth elevation from the bedroom suite. The property enjoys magnificent views to the lake and the height of the pool and external terrace were carefully considered to take maximum advantage of this aspect. A new entrance drive was formed to access the property and extensive landscaping works create an open and unifying feel to the grounds."

Bowfell House

Bowfell House

Bowfell House

Bowfell House

Bowfell House

Photographs are by Wojtek Gurak.
Source: A Daily Dose of Architecture and Hubbard Architecture