Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Designing a Better Hospital Room

When Michael Graves, the American architect and designer, found himself paralyzed, he began to notice design flaws in hospital rooms. He sketched ideas for improving hospital buildings, rooms, and furniture. In 2009, the products he designed became available through a partnership with Stryker, a hospital furnishing company.
The products are simple, logical improvements of the usual furniture found in patient rooms, such as a bedside cabinet with rounded edges, handles, a two way-drawer and an integrated trash can that fits under the bedside table (a favorite of hospital staff). The line also includes a chair with larger handles, to make it easier for patients to hoist themselves up, an overbed table, and a bedside stand with a large handle.

For more and Michael Graves TED Talk:


  1. great idea! nowadays, it is definitely a great idea to have a good interior and healthcare design since this can add a positive aura in the ambiance.


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