Monday, 17 October 2011

DIRTT's Breathe - The Living Wall

DIRTT at IIDEX Exhibition,Toronto
Breathe is the living wall system from DIRTT Environmental Solutions. It shares the same notion of modularity as the rest of the DIRTT system. Breathe supports living plant modules and an independent water delivery system. These two elements are separate units to ensure plants can be maintained and removed individually for servicing or replacement.

Living Plant Modules
Plants are known to remove harmful environmental toxins found in building interiors. Pollutants have a direct impact, resulting in illness and lower rates of productivity in the workplace. Most buildings condition air through an HVAC system to render the air fit for human use. Conditioning air requires energy, further contributing to greenhouse gas production and the cost of building operations. Plant landscapes can lighten the load of the HVAC system by removing many of these toxins, resulting in up to 10% less energy use in buildings. Studies confirm certain types of indoor plants reliably reduce total volatile organic compound loads by 75%, to below 100 ppb.
Breathe facilitates biophilic design – design that reflects a love for the natural world. Interior plantscapes can be used to create healing, pleasant spaces. The use of plants indoors, to realize biophilia objectives and improve indoor air quality, has helped secure Innovation Credit 1.2 in LEED projects. Breathe provides a benefit to indoor air quality that no HVAC system can supply, improving interior air quality and promoting occupant wellbeing.

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