Wednesday, 28 December 2011

New generation of sports cars

After two and a half years of development Donkervoort Automobielen in Lelystad – in close collaboration with quattro GmbH, fully owned subcompany of the AUDI AG – has presented the next generation of open sports cars: the Donkervoort GTO. A combination of beautiful shape, the latest auto techniques and the ultimate experience.
With a capacity of 340 to 400 HP and a torque of 450 Nm from about 1600 RPMs. And all this with a total weight of around 700 kilos. Without a doubt one of the fastest sports cars on the European market. And, with the first private preview for Donkervoort Ambassadors from all over Europe, received so enthusiastically that within a few hours approximately half of the first 25 specially designed GTOs were sold. The GTO is clearly a size larger than its predecessors, the closed GT and the open D8 270RS. About 35 centimetres longer and 15 centimetres wider, to be exact. Necessary to accommodate the massive, longitudinally placed, five cylinder 340 hp 2.5 TFSI AUDI AG motor and at the same time realise an astonishing balance in the design.

The GTO is therefore a brand-new designed car. Only sharing 5% of the parts with the D8 270RS and about 30% with the much more recent GT. A milestone in the 34-year history of Donkervoort. With techniques directly derived from the aviation and aerospace industry. The first in a new generation of Donkervoort automobiles, according to Joop Donkervoort. The reason he also put the chassis number back to ‘0’ starting with the GTO.

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