Friday, 25 May 2012

Bent Hands Clock By Giha Woo

Up Up to now, we were used to contain single time in a watch. However, it is possible to see the global time at a glance by differentiating the size of the circle. The edge of the angled hand which was designed out of the attachment that the hands of the watch are usually straight shows the times in each country. It implicates the message that the world is moving together without break even though they are living in a little bit different time frame.

Each city on the clock is represented by the dot on the hand. For example: London is furthest out from the center, so the dot at the end of the arm is the one you want to look at to find out which hour it is. Wellington is also furthest out, so it’s the same time, but while London is in the AM, Wellington is in the PM.


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