Friday, 4 November 2011

Modern Single-Family Home

Modern Single-Family Home: The Calem-Rubin Residence by David Jameson
Originally constructed in 1939, the Calem-Rubin Residence received a contemporary look from David Jameson Architect Inc. The house was transformed from a colonial style brick building into a modern single-family residence. Situated in Bethesda, Maryland, the Calem-Rubin Residence covers an area of 4,700 square feet. The client wanted to live in a modern house and so, the architects rebuilt the structure as “ a composition of modern form and timeless material “. Featuring a kitchen, dining room and music room on the north side, the dwelling also offers entertaining spaces like the double-height living room, a library and an outdoor room on the south side. A set of stairs leading up to the second floor overlooks the living room.
The third and final floor offers relaxation spaces and a beautiful panorama of the surroundings. “ As a reinvention of the existing massing, linear stucco walls conceptually wrap and protect a stone pavilion inserted within.  Expansive planes of glazing link the privacy walls to the core volume while creating a filter between the interior and the landscape. The distillation of shapes and textures- the stuccoed privacy walls, the mahogany brise-soleil, and the stone clad core volume- slide by each other to create an abstract composition and a reflection of the internal divisions of public and private spaces."

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